CRAFT EXPLORER offers a fun-filled line of Educational Craft Kits. You can turn your family’s free time into an amazing fun-filled learning event. All of our casting kits are safe, easy-mold and paint kits that air dry and clean up with water. Everything you need for a successfully completed project that takes just one afternoon is included. When your child has finished one of our unique kits, he or she will have a keepsake you will want to both treasure and display.

Craft Explorer mold and paint kits are great fun for kids and adults alike. Children use their sense of sight and touch as well as fine motor skills to complete a project of which they can be proud. The satisfaction a child feels upon completion of one of our kits can lead to a further quest for knowledge on that topic and then “the sky is the limit.”


Create-A-Fossil real fossil molds are made from casts of actual dinosaur fossils. Casts are direct imprints made from actual specimens. and so they are almost identical to the creatures from which they are made. Many of the specimens in even the world’s most famous museums are actually casts. Now you can cast your own fossils, just like a real paleontologist.
What were dinosaurs?

The term DINOSAUR means “Terrible Lizard”. Some dinosaurs were as small as a chicken, while others grew to be almost 100 feet long, and weighed over 50 tons! The dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic Era, which has been called “The Age of Reptiles”. This era was comprised of three periods: the Triassic, the Jurassic, and the Cretaceous, which ended 65 million years ago.

How does a prehistoric animal become a fossil?

Fossils are the remains of the prehistoric animals skeleton. In order for a prehistoric animal skeleton to become fossilized, the animal had to be buried very soon after it died, often in a sandstorm or sudden flood. Then, over millions of years, the bones became mineralized, or turned to stone fossils.

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